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08-February-2017 12:51
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What would Brexit mean for the Waste Management & Recycling Sector

Suez/Sita and Grundon Waste Management have very different views: On 27th February Sky news reported that David Palmer-Jones, CEO Suez's UK division said " that a vote for the UK to leave the European Union (EU) could jeopardise billions of pounds in infrastructure and investment." "Recycling targets drawn up in Brussels had underpinned substantial investment in the industry in the UK, creating thousands of jobs in waste management." "The EU is now considering a 65% household recycling target for 2030 and if this becomes legally binding, it would stimulate further investment and jobs in waste management and recycling in the UK" "Without this next new target, the next stage of infrastructure and creation of waste recycling jobs across our sector could be put at risk." Mr Palmer-Jones' warning about the implications of the in-out referendum, is in contrast to Neil Grundon, deputy chairman of Grundon Waste Management On 18th Februrary 2016 LetsRecycle reported that Neil Grundon said "a potential vote to leave the EU would free UK environmental companies from the ‘burden’ of EU regulation." "EU regulation is holding us back from competing on the global stage and, if we could get the policy and taxes right in the UK, we could achieve a lot more."

Articles and news source from http://www.letsrecycle.com/