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China expected to revise limit

09-November-2017 13:25
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China revises limit

It is emerging that China will revise their standard for export materials and that it could be set at 1% contrary to the originally proposed 0.3%.

MEP (Ministry of Environmental Protection) in China is likely to announce the new quality level soon. Chinas proposed plans to clampdown on imported contamination in waste materials was debated at the WTO (World Trade Organisation) in Geneva yesterday (8th Novemeber 2017)

Concerns were raised of the impact of China’s proposals by representatives of the American and Japanese governments.

Paper waste

It has become visible that for waste paper exports, there could be a capacity to consider 1% for materials such as plastic bottles, cartons, cans, and fabric within mixed papers.
The 1% new grade comes after a comprehensive worldwide process by which the Chinese ministry and Chinese industry had consultations with foreign businesses.

Tighter Rules on exports

Tighter rules are expected to be closely tied to inspection standards, with a strong likelihood that if one container is found to be contaminated a whole shipment could be refused entry and turned away.

If China commits to a 1% level as expected this would be warmly welcomed by the UK waste management industry.

The motion that China will implement tighter restrictions has lead to the waste management and recycling sector in the UK to improve on the quality of material. Although the 1% level will still be very tough for some companies to achieve, overall the new proposed figure is better than the 0.3% level as this was largely thought of a being practically impossible to attain and not sustainable.


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