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Hazardous Waste Management Jobs created on site near Lincoln

14-July-2017 11:17
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Controversial plans for a new hazardous waste facility were given the go ahead even though it faced strong opposition from residents.
Locals have fought for months against proposals for the site, which is to deal with materials such as asbestos.

They have concerns that it will lead to spillages, smells and loud noises, also add congestion in the area and make it hard for people to sell their houses.

Lincolnshire County Council approved the blueprints, which were submitted by GMB Waste Management Ltd.
A spokesman for the LCC said: "GBM Waste Management Ltd applied to vary the conditions relating to the planning permission for their existing waste management facility in South Hykeham.
"The proposed variations were sought to enable the site to accept waste electrical and electronic equipment and asbestos, to increase the daily number of vehicle movements and to amend elements of the site's layout.
"After careful consideration, the planning committee concluded that these variations did not give rise to any new environmental or amenity impacts that could not be reasonably controlled through revised planning conditions.
"The request was therefore granted conditional approval."

Even thought the plans will create waste management jobs the locals are worried, one concern on the application included plans for 150 vehicle movements per day, six days a week between 7am and 6pm. The locals said that the access road cannot cope with vehicle travel every six minutes. Find more on how Hazardoud Waste can impact the enviroment.