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Hiring the right candidates

24-March-2017 17:01
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by Admin

Waste Management & Recycling Jobs:

Hiring the right candidates.


Attracting the best talent in the market is essential for any company in any sector.

Ace Recruitment, a Specialist recruitment company for the Waste Management and Recycling Sector, knows only too well what a difficult task  this can be.

2016 has been an unprecedented year in this sector, as we have seen increased confidence in the market place with more and more jobs being created by our portfolio of  clients. The best candidates are in demand more than ever before,  with  employers often having to pay higher salaries than previous years to secure the services they require.

Our advice to employers is to improve  their processes to ensure a faster recruitment response and to consider paying slightly higher salaries rather than risk losing out to your more aggressive competitors. This can be achieved by combining processes, for example:

Is there a  need for 2nd and 3rd interviews for the position in question?

Is it possible for all the people involved in the interview process to be there on one day?

Are there any tests that can be completed on the same day or prior to interview?

 Is there any paperwork that could be planned in advance?

Historically these and many other processes can slow your recruitment life cycle down. Being organised and well prepared often gets you the right candidate and gives you a huge advantage over your competitors who use slower recruitment processes. In such a competitive market place using specialist recruitment agencies such as Ace Recruitment to help fill your jobs and using JWM to advertise to help in your search for experienced sector specific candidates, can give you an advantage over your competitors. We constantly have our ears to the ground and know the best talent in the market on the look out for their next opportunity.

Ace Recruitment can help with your job vacancies and JWM can help you advertise your jobs and attract the best talent in the Waste Management and Recycling sector.

Together we can find you the best candidates for your job vacancies.