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 HR Solutions

We provide HR solutions into the waste management sector. These HR solutions are proven to reduce costs and safeguard against compliance legislation. Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and Managed Service Programs (MSP) allows our clients to transfer all or part of their recruitment activities to us.

Our MSPs are often used where there is a need for a flexible high volume work force. Our programs offer a fully managed on site service managing all aspects of HR, supply of labour including recruitment training and performance. By working in partnership we significantly protect businesses from levels of costly employment legalisation.

Our RPO approach can be used to recruit for permanent positions and our tailored programs can streamline the sourcing of candidate talent. Industry research shows that an increasing number of companies define RPO as a key differentiator within their businesses.

The trend to outsource recruiting needs to a qualified, proven and capable partner is quickly becoming a standard practice. An external solution allows your company’s HR department to focus on their core responibilities and strategic initiatives.Our close working relationships with our waste management clients often enables us to become an extension of the companies we work with.

Whether your requirement is for full RPO or MSP, or just a part of the process, Ace Recruitment has the solution.